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Our after-school clubs are held in North London primary schools. We bring the teachers, the ingredients and the equipment and we hire the school’s facilities.

So what happens at a typical Rookie Cooks class?

When they arrive, our trainee cooks don their aprons and we spend a few minutes talking about what we’re going to cook.

We make one dish each week and everybody takes their own food home at the end of class.
Each child gets all the ingredients and equipment they need, a printed recipe to refer to and a space in which to work.

Our teachers demonstrate each stage of the recipe, then go around the table offering individual help as needed.

Kids work on their own dish (they take great pride in that) but tend to buddy up so they can help and support each other.

At the end of the class, everyone helps to wash up and tidy the kitchen.

Finally, we taste what the rookies have cooked, and everyone has a chance to ask questions, make suggestions and swap ideas.

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