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 The wonderful Viv Gonley teaches my grand-niece and nephews to cook, and they love it! Prue Leith


 I can’t wait to have a sous chef in my kitchen.Sara, Tetherdown mum


This is The Best Club Ever .. and that’s why everyone wants to do it! Year 4 Rookie Cook, Rhodes Avenue


Isobel baked a second apple crumble as soon as we finished dinner! Michael, Tetherdown dad


It’s hands-on and practical... the perfect antidote to our hi-tech world.Alex, Tetherdown mum


Desen  loves your cooking club … it’s the highlight of her week!Muge, Martin mum


Thank you so much for running this wonderful club! Tanisha has loved every bit of it.Farjana, Martin mum


We’ve eaten all the tasty, nourishing foods Amelie’s been bringing home. My favourite was the hummus. You have delivered a really fun course for the children.Tim, Rhodes dad


She cooked me a feast on my birthday. Thank you for the confidence you’ve given herReem al Rasheed


So grateful you’re encouraging Emma to taste ingredients she’s managed to avoid so far!Mel, Tetherdown mum


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Meet the founder

Rookie Cooks – kids cookery classes

Cooking is fun. And if you’re between seven and eleven it’s especially fun. Things to squeeze, knead, squirt, whisk, slice, grate and dice … and that’s before you get to enjoy the results. Which is why we’re all about good cooking and, of course, good eating.

There are so many things that kids learn from cookery classes.

They learn to follow recipes, to think ahead, weigh things accurately, chop things evenly and act sensibly around sharp knives and hot stoves.

But they also learn to be creative. They learn when you can improvise with a recipe and when you can’t. They learn to eat things that they think they don’t like (because everything tastes better when you’ve made it yourself). They learn that good, nutritious food is easy to make and completely delicious, and that working together leads to making new friends.

And – hooray – they learn that clearing up the kitchen is an essential part of being a great cook.