It’s summer term, and classes are live, interactive and online.

We’re making fresh Tagliatelle, Sushi, Blueberry cheesecake, Tortilla chips and dips, Strawberry ice cream, and more ..

Classes are just £8.25 each or £8.75 for Thursday drop in. Come and join us!

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Meanwhile, here’s a sneak preview to some of Rookie Cooks’ favourite recipes – perfected, honed, and crafted for small hands ..

Everybody loves a granola bar – especially if it’s gooey, chewy and sugar-free!

Granola bars

And these Chocolate beetroot muffins are a healthy tea-time treat

Chocolate and beetroot muffins

Our steamed veggie Chinese Gyoza – made for the Chinese New Year last term – were a huge hit


And, if you’re looking for a ten-minute snack fix, why not try our hummus with crunchy vegetable sticks



Send us in your favourite recipe.  We’ll make it in class .. and maybe even name it after you!