Good to know

  • Rookie Cooks classes are for Primary School children in Years 3 to 6.
  • Saturday clubs are open to children from all schools
  • For safeguarding reasons, our in-house after-school clubs are open only to pupils who attend the school where the classes take place.
  • Classes are typically two teachers to fourteen children.
  • All our teachers hold DBS certificates and are fully insured. They are also trained in first aid and food safety.
  • When you book we ask for details of allergies and other dietary requirements. The recipes for that class are then chosen to suit everyone’s needs.
  • If your school is no-nuts then we are no-nuts too.
  • You’ll receive the recipes by email, so that you can make them again at home.

We want to build confidence and independence, but we also know that if you have lots of children in a kitchen, you need some rules.

And here they are:

Everyone washes their hands before they start.

Knives and other sharp implements are kept by the teachers, who will hand one to you only when it’s needed. The teacher will supervise its use, then remove it when the task is complete. So please don’t help yourself to anything sharp.

When you need to use the stove, this must be supervised by the teacher from start to finish.

This is not a competition; there are no prizes for finishing first. So take your time, enjoy yourself, and help your fellow cooks if they need it.

And…that’s it, really.