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What parents are saying

So how do online classes work?

Online lessons are for children, with some adult supervision (depending on your child’s age and cooking confidence). You’ll probably need to hover, cup of tea in hand, rather than be full-on involved through the class!

When you book you’ll receive

  • The recipe (for the first class then a week in advance for subsequent classes)
  • Zoom link for the class

You’ll then have time to line up everything you need and don your aprons in time for the class start.

We go at a slow pace, but if you feel you would like a head start we advise you to pre-weigh the first three or four ingredients.

At the start of the lesson there’ll be time for hellos and greetings, then we’ll ask you to switch your microphones off so that you can hear the lesson properly (and so you have some privacy).

You can ask questions as we go via the chat feature, and these will be answered immediately.

Once our food is cooked, there’s chance to chat, do a little recipe-related quiz, and pat each other on the back for our great results.

We make one dish each week and you can scale the recipe up or down to suit how many people are sitting down to dinner that evening.

Do join us – we look forward to welcoming you!