Rainbow fruit skewers with dips


For the fruit skewers:  Seasonal and tropical fruit, to include ripe pineapple, melon, ripe mango, bananas, blueberries, kiwi, grapes, figs, pears, tangerines, oranges

Plastic re-useable skewers

For the dips: make a couple of these … or invent your own!

Banana and orange dip: third of a ripe banana, quarter of an orange, natural yoghurt, pinch of cinnamon

Honey and mascarpone dip: mascarpone, runny honey, lemon or lime juice

Berry dip: liquidised berries,  greek yoghurt, a little runny honey

Mango and lime dip:  mango puree, greek yoghurt, few drops lime juice


  1. With your teacher’s help cut each fruit into same-sized chunks (not too small)
  2. Put all your fruit in your bowl ready to skewer
  3. Make four fruit skewers with your cut fruit
  4. Banana and orange dip: mash the banana down with your mini whisk. Squeeze in the orange, add the yoghurt and a pinch of cinnamon
  5. Berry dip: Mash down the defrosted berries and stir in the yoghurt and the honey.
  6. Mascarpone dip: Whisk the mascarpone and add the honey and a few drops of lemon juice
  7. Mango dip: mix mango puree with greek yoghurt and few drops of lime
  8. Enjoy your fruit!