Asian rainbow salad

A crunchy, healthy all-year-round salad packed with flavour.

  • 50g pre-soaked rice noodles
  • Half a carrot, 8 mange tout, 4 baby corn
  • quarter of a red pepper, 1 spring onion, 45g broccoli, par-boiled
  • 20g baby spinach, 25g frozen sweetcorn, 25g frozen peas
  • 3 pink radish, few sprigs thai basil, mint and coriander

For the dressing:

  • 1tbsp sesame oil, 1 tbsp vegetable oil, 1 tbsp reduced salt soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar, juice of half a lime
  • half clove crushed garlic, tiny bit of chopped red chilli (optional!) a little grated fresh ginger, 1tbsp honey

For the topping :1 tbsp toasted sesame seeds or soy-roasted sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds


  1. For the Soy-roasted seeds (Teacher to prepare): Dry-fry the seeds in a frying pan then once they are browned switch off the heat. Now add some soy sauce and water to the hot pan.   Stir and spread out in the pan then leave in the pan to cool and dry out until needed
  2. For the dressing: Measure out the oils, vinegar and soy sauce then squeeze in the lime and add the honey or sugar.  Now whisk in the crushed garlic, grated ginger and chopped chilli (if using). Taste and adjust the flavours to suit your palette.
  3. Place the pre-soaked noodles on your chopping board and cut them across four times to shorten them. Add the noodles to your bowl of dressing
  4. Now prepare the vegetables, one type at a time (Careful! Adult assistance needed here), adding them to the bowl of noodles as you go. Peel the carrot, and then make carrot peelings from the rest (!get your teacher to watch you), then slice the peppers, mange tout, baby corn, par-cooked broccoli, spring onion (green part only) and radish into thin strips as shown by your teacher.  Now tear in the washed spinach, basil, mint and coriander.

Mix your salad together carefully, taste for seasoning, then top with the soy-roasted seeds.